Peeling from Sunburn – What Should I Do?

by admin on April 29, 2011

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The spring is finally here and the days of sun are upon us.

If you’re like us, one of the best feelings in the world is to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin after being held hostage for months by the gloomy gray skies and seemingly never-ending days of winter.

While you are rejoicing in that amazing sensation of when the sun first hits your skin, you realize something…

You forgot to put on sunscreen…

Before you know it, you are sunburned (it’s ok, it happens to the best of us… and after a long winter, it may even be inevitable).

We all know we should be wearing sunscreen, but what do you do when you get sunburned?

The first part is to understand what happens to your skin before you are able to treat the sunburn…

Why does my skin peel after getting sunburn?

Your skin, as fussy as it might seem, actually has your best interest at heart.

When your skin is exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time, ultraviolet rays emitted from the sum have a damaging effect to the top layer of the skin- actually killing the skin cells residing on the upper most layer of the skin while also drying your skin (in some cases even causing blistering of the skin). This is why when selecting a sunscreen for your skin, you want to ensure you are purchasing something that uses the best sunscreen ingredients to protect every inch of your skin.

As a natural reaction, your skin starts to quickly repair itself and build new cells to replace the ones killed off by harmful ultraviolet rays. During the rebuilding process, the dead skin sitting on top of your skin act as a guard in that it protects the deeper layers of your skin while the new top layers are being rebuilt.

Once  the rebuilding process has finished and the new layer of skin is ready to be exposed, the dead skin begin to peel off of your body. The skin peeling is an important and natural part of the healing process and you should pay important attention to the period

Peeling skin: What’s the best remedy?

Unfortunately, there is no quick remedy or cure for sunburn. Your skin needs time to naturally heal, repair, and rejuvenate itself. In fact, it may take several days to actually see the severity of damage from the sun.

While it may be a unpleasant and even painful process, there are some things you can do to treat the sunburn to provide relief to your skin.

Be cool

We all know how discomforting and irritating sunburn can be. For temporary relief, keep your skin cool by applying cool, damp cloths to regions giving you the most discomfort. Some prefer to take a cool baths to soothe the skin. While it is a great way to provide instant relief to the skin, remember that your skin is in a sensitive state and make a conscious effort to avoid any irritants like bath salts or solutions that may augment discomfort.

Be gentle

The Mayo Clinic advises that if your skin blisters from sunburn to leave the blisters in tact as disturbing the natural reaction of the skin may prolong the healing process and open yourself to inspection. If you must attend to the blistering, they recommend dressing the area lightly with gauze.

If being gentle is not enough, the Mayo Clinic further advises to use an anti-inflammatory meidcation to assist with the redness or soreness that come with the sunburn (they caution for teenagers or children not to take medication and recommend this route for adults only.)

Be thoughtful

There is nothing worse than the severely dry, itchy, tender state your skin is left in after being sunburn. Be thoughtful of your skin and give it the proper nourishment and hydration it needs by using a moisturizer that not only brings your skin relief, but assists in the healing process. Even after the skin peels, the skin is still somewhat sensitive as it is having exposure to the sun and environment for the first time. Continue to use a moisturizer until total relief and healing has been established by the skin.

Traditional and common therapies included and emphasized the natural ingredients found in aloe to help soothe and repair the skin. At Celazome Clinical Skin Care, we recommend our Penetrating Moisturizing Body Lotion to provide relief and help in the repair process. This moisturizing lotion was originally developed for a clinical setting to treat the severely damaged and hyper sensitive skin of burn patients. From being able to know our lotion has worked to provide relief to the skin of burn patients, we are able to guarantee it can provide relief and nourishment to your sunburn skin.

What’s your best sunburn treatment or remedy?

We’ve read and heard a lot of traditional and somewhat unconventional ways people treat sunburn. What are some treatments or remedies that have worked for you?

Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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