Indulge all kinds of skin with Celazome’s collection of skin-specific regimens and specialized products. Celazome has a gentle, effective solution for every skin-care issue, from acne control and blemish elimination to wrinkle reduction and lip plumping.  Each product delivers our signature purity, potency, and penetration.

Each treatment is formulated with a specialized blend of natural bioactives, delivered to the deepest layers of the skin through our patented nanospheres.  The high concentration of nanospheres ensures that Celazome products are pharmaceutical grade and incredibly pure.  These nanospheres penetrate the skin’s deepest layers, where key bioactives can attain maximum potency. 

Bioactives target skin’s imperfections, eliminating blemishes and smoothing wrinkles.  In addition to correcting impurities, the bioactives in these treatments repair skin from within, promoting cellular regeneration.  The result is resilient, radiant skin and a youthful, healthy complexion.

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Eye Treat
Price: $82.00
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Purifying Astringent
Price: $14.00
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